Programs at the CCLLEN

Local Learning & Employment Network

LLENs across Victoria are funded to assist young people at risk of disengaging, or who have already disengaged from education and training. LLENs broker sustainable partnerships that:

Support schools to

  • identify young peole that are at risk of disengaging from education prior to completing Year 12 or a vocational equivalent
  • identify and provide the support, education options and pathways to enable those young people to remain in education

Support the broader community to

  • identify young people who have disengaged from education prior to completing Year 12 or a vocational equivalent
  • provide the support, education options and pathways to enable those young people to re-engage and remain in education

Structured Workplace Learning

This program aims to increase access to appropriate Structured Workplace Learning placements for students undertaking Vocational Education & Training (VET) as part of their senior secondary certificates.

The Structured Workplace Learning (SWL) website has been established in conjunction with the Department of Education and Training.  This website provides school teachers and students with an easy to navigate, single information and referral point for a diverse range of high quality SWL placement opportunities. The website is searchable by industry and location. Contact us to find out more about this service.

School Friendly Business

School Friendly Businesses support their communities and can help improve education and transition outcomes for young people. As the ‘Business Working With Education Foundation’ indicates - students ‘need aspiration, experiences and networks—the type of support and opportunities that are only possible through a whole of community approach’.

The CCLLEN aims to help schools and businesses work together. That led us to consider a number of questions including:
•    How can businesses be more engaged with schools and connect with potential future employees?
•    How can schools be more engaged with local business?
•    How can young people be more aware of the career opportunities available to them in their home town?
•    How can working parents and families be assisted to be more involved with their children’s education?
•    How can businesses be recognised for the work they do with schools and support they give students?

We realised there were many ways businesses could be ‘School Friendly’. We want to recognise those businesses already interacting with schools and encourage more businesses to become involved.

The School Friendly Business campaign consists of a whole suite of actions.  A Business will be considered ‘School Friendly’ if they can tick a majority of the following things:
•    Aware of important school dates
•    Consider flexi time for parent/guardian employees to attend significant school events
•    Welcome authorised school and parenting promotional literature in staff rooms
•    Prepared to host workplace learning (work experience, workplacements and/or school based apprentices) and tours of worksites
•    Consider mentoring students
•    Engage with the Beacon Foundation
•    Would like to be invited to important school events
•    Keen to help train potential employees
•    Want to part of the ‘village that raises a child’

The benefits to  a business of being ‘School Friendly’ include promotion for that business, becoming an employer of choice, having improved communication opportunities with schools and the knowledge that they are helping skill up and nurture  a future work force. Business participants will be ‘rewarded’ by ways of such things as School Friendly Business calendars, stickers and certificates, invited to school events, mentioned in school newsletters and feature in media reports.

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