Bed Time Stories for Book Week


Our colleagues at Wimmera Southern Mallee LLEN worked with the presenters at ACE Radio to create a series of short videos to celebrate Book Week.

Each night, during Book Week, LLENs shared the Bed Time stories on social media.

The videos are great to watch with children and you can pick up some useful tips on reading to children.

You can watch all of the stories at

Thanks to WSMLLEN and Ace Radio for sharing the videos with LLENs across Victoria.

August 2018

Inquiry into Career Advice Activities


The Economic, Education, Jobs and Skills Committee of the Parliament of Victoria conducted an inquiry into career advice activities in Victorian schools, and handed down its report in late August 2018. CCLLEN made a submission to the Inquiry and representatives from the Victorian LLEN Network were called as witnesses to make a presentation and answer questions.

In the Chair's foreward Nazih Elasmar MLC notes that "Common themes emerged in the evidence; students want tailored guidance earlier and more often, and school career practitioners want more time and resources to provide this guidance."

The report makes 46 recommendations, which Mr Elasmar says "aim to elevate the profile of school career development, give career practitioners adequate time and resources to do their job, and improve students’ access to career development services and opportunities."

We are pleased to see that many of CCLLEN's activities match the recommendations, particularly for career development workshops and activities, presentations, immersion days and support to careers practitioners in schools. We welcome other recommendations in the report for more funding and time allocations for career advice activities in schools.

We look forward to the government's response to the report in coming months and we value the work that has gone into this comprehensive and insightful report.

The report can be downloaded from the Committee's website here.

August 2018

31 LLENs Strong


Each LLEN is strong in our local knowledge, understanding of our communities and connections to our stakeholders.

This means that each LLEN is different, as we each listen and respond and work with our communities according to the needs, resources and opportunities in each place.

We are also the same in sharing core values about what is best for young people. And we are all very passionate about supporting young people.

Another thing we have in common is being independent honest brokers, with no vested interest other than the wellbeing and success of young people.

Together we are strong as a source of information and as advocates for young people. We share and collaborate and learn from each other.

Combining our local knowledge and our state wide network, we can advise on the place based impacts of policies and programs, and support the roll out of initiatives.

There are 31 LLENs, covering the entire state, each working with and listening to our communities.

Wurreker Awards

The Wurreker Strategy for Koorie people in Vocational Education and Training supports students, the development of pathways and drives change to ensure VET training reflects Koorie community needs and aspirations. Wurreker is a key enabler for implementation of The Marrung Aboriginal Education Plan 2016-2026.  The Victorian Aboriginal Education Association Incorporated (VAEAI), works as the principal partner with the Department of Education and Training, to achieve successful outcomes for Koorie learners under Marrung.

The annual Wurreker Awards celebrate how high quality training can open up new training and employment directions for Koorie people.  Through the Awards VAEAI recognises students, trainers, training providers and employers who have made an outstanding contribution to the continued success of Koorie people in their studies and careers. These individual and collective efforts provide an inspiring example of what can be achieved in our communities through innovation, collaboration and partnerships in post-compulsory education and training.

The 2018 annual Wurreker awards night will be held at the Aborigines Advancement League, with over 200 invited guests attending, including the Minster for Higher Education and Skills the Hon. Gayle Tierney MP. The achievements of Koorie individuals and organisations working in the VET sector will be recognised, with winners across 10 award categories celebrated. The night will feature inspiring Aboriginal entertainment, and food catered by social enterprise Charcoal Lane restaurant.

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