Adapting to On-Line Workshops

Interview Techniques and Employability Skills are workshops that have been developed by CCLLEN over years and delivered as face to face sessions to students in schools across our region. 

Interview Techniques help prepare students for an interview, be it for part time, full time work or when arranging a work placement.  Topics covered are creating a resume, writing application letters, employability skills, first impressions, body language, personal presentation, handshake practice and how to answer questions in an interview. 

Students then get the opportunity to use this new knowledge by writing an application letter addressing selection criteria and submitting their resume for an advertised position.  “Mock Interviews” are scheduled and the students attend these live sessions as if really going for the job. 

Employability Skills is an interactive and funsession is which is sharedwith students to explain and allow the students to discover, their Employability Skills.  Employability Skills are the work skills and personal attributes that employers look for when hiringa new employee. They are also known as transferable skills because the employabilityskillsthat are learnt in one workplace or setting can be applied and further developed in otherworkplaces and roles.

Industries emphasise that employability skills and the right attitude are essential for young jobseekers in securing employment; training can cover most other aspects.

A high percentage of students don’t believe they have enough experience and skills when theyare applying for jobs whilst at school. They often underestimate the importance of highlightingthese skills such as communication, teamwork, leadership and problemsolving.  We also encourage young people to not underestimate their knowledge of current technology and emerging social platforms. This is valuable knowledge to share in the work place.

These presentations have proved invaluable to studentswe had to find a way to continue to contribute and support students on the journey to the world of work.  

The new challenge in delivering these two sessions was to keep them engaging and helpful while still being interactive, but from a distance!   The powerpoint presentations were streamlined and adjusted to better represent the current “norms”.  The fun and highly interactive handshake sessions has been transformed into a collection of friendly, distanced greetings and a new slide appeared with tips on conducting an interview on line.

A new workbook was created and delivered to students and teachers on lineoffering activities, checklists and reminders that “Preparation is the Key”.

After practice and checking we had the technology right, the presentation went live for the first time with ten Year 9&10 studentsand 3 teachers from River City Christian College.  This was in collaboration with the Echuca Moama Beacon Foundation as part of the Real Futures program

The presentation went well with no technical hitches and students joining in the Chat room offering their career aspirations and asking questions. This enabled us to answer those questions on the spot.

We are looking forward to engaging with other schools with this new technology throughout the year. 

May 2020

Stakeholder Consultation

DSC02497-for-web.jpgCampaspe Shire and Campaspe Cohuna LLEN hosted a Stakeholder Consultation on 9 December, which enabled local service providers, schools and industry to join together and discuss some of the key issues emerging locally from the Voice of Our Youth consultation, and identify opportunities to work together to improve educational and employment outcomes for young people.

Topics discussed focussed on the feedback that has been collected through the youth consultation process, including bullying, uniform, flexibility and choice in curriculum and delivery, access to mental health and other outreach services and the need to feel respected and valued as individuals.

The consultation also looked at the strengths, weaknesses, opportunities and threats across our Shire, with a common notable strength being the presence and effectiveness of partnerships between schools, services and community.

The lack of accessible transport and timetabling of VLine services from small communities to major centres was highlighted, along with the lack of youth-focussed and outreach services, funding and capacity and the negative perception of VCAL.

Identified opportunities include offering varied learning modalities, vertical streaming where learning is based on needs rather than age, the confirmation of a headspace service in the area, outreach services and engagement between young people and industry.

The Voice of our Youth consultation will continue until the 20 December, with the opportunity for a lucky young participant to win $500 for themselves, and $500 for a school, simply by completing the online survey at

The full report will be available in February next year.

If you would like to be involved in this process and have any questions, please contact Jane Reid at the CCLLEN on 0447 530 618 or This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.

December 2019

Hands on Learning - Projects completed!

Pizza-Oven-Group-Photo-for-web.jpgDSC02513-for-web.jpgHands on Learning is an innovative education program that caters to the different ways young people learn.

Small groups of students work collaboratively on authentic building projects that provide a platform for students to engage, grow confidence and achieve success at school. It fosters strong, long term relationships that help young people develop the skills and abilities they need to succeed in work and life like collaboration, problem solving, communication, resilience and empathy.

The Hands on Learning Program commenced at the end of term two this year, with St Joseph’s College, Echuca Specialist School, Echuca College, Kyabram P-12 College and Rushworth P-12 College working together to offer the program to students.

The program aims to provide students with real-life skills, including goal setting, communication, leadership, teamwork, goal setting, initiative and creativity.  There is a focus on building self-confidence, resilience and gives students an opportunity to learn in an environment outside the normal classroom structure.

Projects are student-led, with the support of the Artisan Teacher, giving ownership and a sense of accomplishment through creating amazing spaces and items for the wider school community to enjoy.

St Joseph’s College and Echuca Specialist School are working collaboratively to complete projects, including an outdoor space featuring a pizza oven.  The pizza oven has been built from scratch, by the students, under the guidance of Artisan Teacher Jamie Harding.

Echuca College participants have not only refurbished an old storage shed on site to create a working space for the program and created an outdoor activity space called the ‘Gaga Pit’.

Students from both groups have also recycled and repurposed a large quantity of materials, including old bike parts and timber products for use in the projects.

The Moama Bowling Club funded a grant to purchase the tool trailer and tools for the program, which is shared across schools who are participating and School Focused Youth Service provided funding for materials used to complete the various projects across the schools.

December 2019

Campaspe Youth Partnerships Celebrations

Image may contain: one or more people, outdoor and nature

This is a wonderful time of the year celebrating the many Youth Partnerships programs that have run across the schools in the Campaspe region. We have had a very successful inaugural Goulburn Murray I CAN Expo and Imagination Club celebrations. Eleven Junior Park Rangers celebrated their program at the Kyabram Fauna Park in November along with teachers and parents. The MATES end of year gatherings have been held in both Kyabram and Echuca to say a thank you to our twenty community volunteers and students who have participated in the program.

The Murray Life Adventures program continues to be an engaging and valuable program. Hands on Learning is running at three locations at Kyabram P-12 College, Echuca College and at St Joseph’s College combined with Echuca Specialist School students. 

Over 160 young people have been engaged in our programs throughout the year, making it our biggest year yet.

I CAN Network

The I CAN mentoring programs have run in both Kyabram and Echuca throughout the year. The secondary programs were celebrated in a combined end of year Goulburn Murray I CAN Expo in November at Mooroopna attended by over 150. Our schools that participated in the Expo included Kyabram P-12 College, St Augustine’s College, Echuca College, St Joseph’s College, River City Christian College and Echuca Specialist School. The I CAN talks by the students were inspiring. The very successful expo highlighted many positive outcomes for our young people embracing their autism.

The Kyabram Imagination Club (Kyabram P-12 College, Rushworth P-12 College and St Augustine’s College) celebrated their year on 25 November and the Echuca Imagination Club with students from Twin Rivers PS, Echuca Primary School and Echuca Specialist School on 26 November.

Junior Park Rangers at Kyabram Fauna Park

Eleven primary school students from Echuca Specialist School, Rushworth P-12 College Kyabram P-12 College and St Augustine’s College completed the Junior Park Rangers program in November and loved meeting the new dingo pups, enjoying a celebration party and receiving a certificate of achievement. The students have gained confidence, social skills team work and skills in handling snakes and lizards.

MATES Mentoring

The MATES mentoring program has expanded this year and we now have 20 matched mentors and mentees  across St Augustine’s College, Kyabram P-12 College, Echuca College, St Joseph’s College, Echuca Specialist School, Rushworth P-12 College and Cohuna Secondary College. MATES end of year celebrations have been held in Kyabram at St Augustine’s College with a delicious morning tea and in Echuca we had a BBQ lunch at Apex Park.

Murray Life Adventures

St Joseph's College took two groups of students to Murray Life Adventures for three Wednesdays for each group, as part of a longer program that included health, fitness and personal development. In December the Echuca College and Echuca Specialist School combined group returned for one more, highly anticipated, day to revisit their learnings from their six week program earlier in the year. Schools are reporting that students are more engaged in school with improved confidence in their abilities.

Hands on Learning

You can read more about this here.

November 2019

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